PPC Reports

Automated, cross-channel PPC reports. Designed to showcase your business full marketing impact on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Bing & Adroll.


PPC reports

PPC Analytics

Automatically monitor your company´s KPIs like clicks, impressions, cost & CPC

Highlight ROI

Prominent focus on conversion related metrics to highlight your business value


Report on all of your ad networks in one single, streamlined report

Simplified Metrics

Campaign based overview modules to convey just the right amount of information

PPC Networks In One Report

All Your PPC Networks In One Report

late nights with endless spreadsheets and screenshots are a thing of the past! SEOZEEK´s cross-channel PPC reporting tool lets you hit the "easy button" and pulls in automatically all of your data across multiple PPC networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Adroll and Facebook Ads.

Wide range of PPC KPIs

Track and monitor a wide range of your company's most important KPIs across each PPC channel. You can analyze clicks, impressions, CTR, conversion rate, and more from the campaign level right down to your individual ads and keywords. Graph any of your KPIs with a single click to intuitively visualize the performance.

The best reporting tool I've ever used for my website. Always up-to-date and user-friendly reports that are sent automatically every month. I often use Rank Tracker and Backlink Monitor in my work with our SEO strategy, and i just love it!
Rating: 5 stars
Focus on ROI

Focus on ROI

Most business owners are interested in ROI for their PPC campaigns over any other performance metric. Our reports include prominent ROI metrics as well as a dedicated conversion section to help your business get the best possible ROI for your campaigns.

Improvement Over Time

A snapshot with a weekly or monthly performance may be good, but most business owners want to see their performance and revenue improve as time goes on. Our PPC reports make it easy and simple to compare historical performance and show improvement month by month.

Improvement Over Time
Automated Reports

Schedule PPC Reports

Never do manual updates, spreadsheets and screenshots again! Save hours every month by receiving automated PPC reports. Create your PPC templates in minutes, and you won't have to spend time on it in the future.

Unlike some of our competitors, we let you create unlimited PPC reports with every SEOZEEK subscription. Send multiple reports every day; and CC 20 different executives on every PPC report. When we say no limits, we mean no limits.